Go Retro with a Polaroid Camera

In this day and age it seems like everybody has a DSLR camera. Those that don't use a DSLR also avail of phone cameras that are quickly improving in quality. A Polaroid camera can offer you a way to take photos outside the digital realm in a unique and fun way and you can immediately hold your work in your hand.

Two Fun Models to Contemplate

Back in the day, a Polaroid camera was a highly sought after accessory and it was the cool way to take photos. The idea of immediately printing and holding an image was one that appealed to many and it is one that still does today. Many photographers like to carry a Polaroid camera beside their DSLR when they feel like mixing it up.

Getting your hands on a Polaroid can transform your photo taking and literally put images in your hands immediately. The Polaroid 300 is a very fun model which prints business card sized colour images and having this camera on you at a party means you can share photos with all your friends right after you take them. The Polaroid 300 is available on Amazon for a reasonable £50 including free delivery in the UK.

If you are interested in purchasing a Polaroid style camera from another brand then Fujifilm released the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic in mid 2013. This camera ships with a powerful rechargeable battery, macro mode and a flash for dark photo shoots. The camera delivers some amazingly clear photos instantly into your hand. It is also available on Amazon and while it costs quite a bit more than the Polaroid 300, you will get full sized quality photos for your money.

Pick up a Used Polaroid

If you are not inclined to purchase a new type Polaroid camera then you can find some amazing used retro models on auction sites such as E-Bay and advert sites like Gumtree. You can purchase a range of models and you should expect to pay anwhere from £25 up to £100 for a functioning Polaroid camera.

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