Pokemon X and Y Details Revealed

The Pokemon Company has used a special press conference at E3 2013 as a platform to release some new details and information about the upcoming games in the Pokemon Franchise, Pokemon X and Y. The game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS and has been long awaited by fans across the world after mixed reviews from Pokemon Black and White 2.


When Pokemon Red and Blue stormed Europe in 1992, keeping those critters locked up in a ball was the only thing we could do. But now, with improved graphics and immense gameplay, Pokemon X and Y has announced that you can now ride certain kinds of Pokemon in the game, revealed in a short trailer at the conference. You can also customise your character's hairstyle and clothing to look even more dapper on top of your Ponyta now.

Player Search

Pokemon X and Y now contains a new feature called Player Search System, which will act as the game's core community function. It allows you to track friends and even passerbys - for example, if you're playing near another gamer in the same region of the game, you will both pass each other by on the game. You can then add people as friends on the game and upgrade your friendships by interacting with other players.

Horde Encounters

To add more challenging situations to the game, Pokemon X and Y will make use of something called 'horde' encounters. Whereas pass games allowed players to battle single and even double wild Pokemon, X and Y will include a system where trainers will face multiple Pokemon in the wild at once, much like an RPG system. Another type of encounter added to the game includes Sky Battles, which limits participants of the game to certain aerial types.

Scenery and Launch

When the Pokemon Company was asked if Pokemon X and Y was based in a stylized version of France, reprensentatives stated they appreciated the beauty of France and wanted to show their admiration in the game. The worldwide release of Pokemon X and Y is scheduled for October 12 in 7 different languages including French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese.

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