Points mean prizes

If you’re an Xbox Live subscriber you might have recently received an invite to a new pilot programme that Microsoft are trying out, which gives the users bonuses for doing the sort of things you might usually do on Xbox Live. These usual things, like buying content or taking part in surveys will earn you points that can be in turn used to purchase stuff online, like games and other stuff like that.

This being Microsoft, the number of points you get for these activities, as outlined in this handy chart right here (be warned this is of no use if you don’t have an Xbox Live account), is pretty small – just 200 points for signing up to Netflix, for instance – but if the test run is expanded into broader territory like using your gamer points to make purchases, then it would be a welcome change for Xbox Live.

As for if and when it’s being implemented, we don’t know yet, but rest assured that if things change then you’ll know as soon as we do.

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