Points break

Is this a taste of things to come? Have Microsoft suddenly started to become aware of customers’ needs and wants and desires? We doubt it frankly, but at least they’re taking little baby steps in the right direction with this latest development; a small but bloody helpful actually change in the way Microsoft Points are sold on Xbox Live.

In the States and Canada Microsoft have made it possible for the purchase of point in increments of 400, rather than the current 500 we Brits have to deal with. This makes them more compatible with the prices of Xbox Live Arcade titles and DLC and less of a waste of money.

Previously, if you wanted to buy an Arcade title that costs 800 points you had to buy 1,000 points, which is still currently really irritating for us lot on the other side of the pond, given that you have wasted points lying around doing nothing every time you buy something. Fingers crossed the change makes its way over here sharpish.

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