Pod pics on the way

Evidence is mounting that there's a new iPod touch on the horizon - and it'll have not one but two cameras.

First, a John Lewis presentation said that the new iPod touch would debut in September and have a 5 megapixel camera. Now, leaked photos of a purported iPod touch part clearly show a hole for a front-facing second camera, just like the one in the new iPhone 4.

And the newest beta of the next version of the iPhone and iPod touch's software, iOS 4, seems to have support for FaceTime - the iPhone 4's funky new video calling function - but with calls made to an email address, as well as to numbers.

It all adds up to unmistakeable evidence that the new iPod touch will have the same basic spec as the iPhone 4, with a 5MP camera, front-facing second camera, and FaceTime calling over wi-fi. Which should mean it also shoots HD video.

Which is our long-winded way of saying, 'we want one.'

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