7 useful plug-ins and widgets for your website

Whether you are running a website for business or personal purposes, plug-ins are useful add-ons to enhance the usability of any computer application. They are integrated in browsers, programmes and other software. Using plug-ins is a great way to enhance user experience while navigating, browsing, working on applications or watching/streaming videos.

Useful plug-ins/widgets

There are many plug-ins and widgets available on websites, hosting services, and even blogging platforms. If you have your own site, consider installing these:

  • Subscription widget - Any platform of hosting sites can provide you with a widget to enable subscriptions registering potential subscribers to a newsletter, business or blog.
  • Site meter - A site meter tells you how many visitors you have each day. There are free ones offered on the net giving you a rough idea of the number of visits your site has on a daily, weekly, and hourly basis. A paid subscription is likely to be more detailed and gives a better overview of your site's statistics. There is also a widget, Alexa stat, which ranks your site's performance alongside other websites.
  • Automatic/no reply email - Having an auto response email helps you build a steady client base. When you set this up, it lets your readers know that the query was received and that you will get back to them as soon as you can.
  • Social media sharing - Social media is an important method of getting your message out there. Having this plug-in on your website lets your visitors connect to you and to others on the site.
  • Site search - People looking for a specific information will find this tool practical by simply typing the keyword phrase searching the data on your website, blog, or the entire web.
  • Multiface plug-in - This widget will improve user interface on your site enabling visitors to navigate easily using drop down menus to access different pages.
  • RSS feeds - They allow users to pull out the latest news or posts on your site keeping visitors updated.

Deciding what to embed

Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of plug-ins and widgets out there, so it's best not to overload your website. Explore and experiment how they can improve the functionality and value of your site and fine tune according to user feedback. Plug-ins and widgets are useful add-ons that must be used correctly to get the best results such as generating traffic to your site, increasing sales, or simply improving your visibility as a blogger.

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