Plug-in Playboy

One of the miracles of technological progress is the way in which storage keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. A few years ago, 64GB was a large hard drive for a PC; nowadays you can get that much storage in an iPad. But our use of storage - with all our photos and, in particular, videos - keeps going up too.

So many people are investing in an external hard drive to store those extra gigabytes of memories. But why just buy a big, empty blob of storage? Why not get a little, ahem, entertainment along the way?

Such is the logic - if there is any logic - behind this new product from Playboy. A 250GB external hard drive that plugs into your computer, the drive devotes a few gigs to every issue of Playboy that has ever been published.

Yes - that's over 50 years of scantily-clad (and not-at-all-clad) ladies, articles about cocktails and interviews with aged authors. Surely the perfect gift for the technologically-savvy and lady-loving gentleman.

Of course, if your loved ones are more into Borneo than bunnies, there's always the National Geographic equivalent.

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