PlentyOfFish Removes 'Intimiate Encounters' Option

PlentyOfFish, the leading online dating website, has removed it 'Intimate Encounters' option on their site due to men 'pretending' to be women on their profiles and women being harrassed for sex. The changes also comes with a number of additions to the site to create a dating experience based on meaningfl relationships rather than sex.

Main Rule Changes

From 2013, PlentyofFish will implement a number of changes to the site to create a more friendly user experience based on meaningful relationships. The move comes after a number of complaints and statistics showing that the majority of users using the 'Intimate Encounters' option were creating false profiles to hook up with women, or simply using the option to harrass women for sex.

Canadian owner Markus Frind stated that only an average of 6000 out of 3.5 million users on the site using the 'Intimate Encounters' option were actual women looking for hook-ups and intimiate encounters - whereas the majority of this statistic were men disguised as women.

The site also saw men contacting women of a much younger age requesting sex, or sending obscene images. Users complained of other users abusing the 'Intimate Encounters' option, with some users receiving more than 60 messages each day from seperate users.

The casual 'hook-up' nature of the site also comes from more users using mobile apps, with some users prefering to use the apps as a way of hooking up while on the move. With over 55 million worldwide, owner Markus Frind has expressed concerns over some member's attitudes towards the free-to-use site and has decided to implement these changes to remove the casual hook-up aspect of the site and protect the interests of female users on the receiving end of messages and images.


As well as removing the 'Intimate Encounter' option, PlentyofFish will block users whose first contact is of a sexual nature, or issue a permanent ban. To combat older men contacting young women for sex, PlentyofFish also does not allow users to contact each other if there is more than 14 years between them. For anyone seeking a serious relationship, this is a great addition to the PlentyofFish site and is predicted to create a more professional, trusting image of the world's most popular dating site.

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