Please Rob Me

A Dutch website PleaseRobMe has been launched as a warning to those who share too much information on networking sites. The site collates information posted on Twitter and advertises their location. One might argue that if robbers weren't entirely sure where to find addresses of empty homes before, they certainly are now.

However, the developers defended their aim: 'Our intention is not, and never has been, to have people burglarized.' (Erm, we're not sure 'burglarized' is a word, unless it's geek speak for burgled) but anyway, they continue, 'The goal of this website is to raise some awareness on this issue and have people think about how they use services like Foursquare, Brightkite, Google Buzz, etc. Because all this site is is a dressed up Twitter search page. Everybody can get this information.'

A cautionary tale? Or an incentive to get stealing...

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