It's been praised and criticised, launched and recalled. In its less than a month on sale in the US, Research in Motion's BlackBerry Playbook - the tablet version of its popular Blackberry smartphone brand - has had a rollercoaster ride. And now, the craziness is coming to Britain!

That's right. If you're a BlackBerry die-hard and want a tablet to complement your phone; if you want a 7-inch tablet and are (understandably) unimpressed with any of the Android 7-inchers on offer; if you just buy everything new and shiny that comes out and sell it on eBay after playing it for a week because shucks that's just how you roll; if you're any of these the Playbook could be genuinely of interest to you. If so, and you've got £399 to spare, you can pre-order it now. Now, we tell you!

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