PlayStation Plus.... Plus

We remember when you bought a console, you bought a couple of extra controllers, you bought some games, and off you went. Now to get all the coolest stuff, especially online play, you need to pony up a monthly subscription fee, be it Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus that you're paying for.

And if you're splashing out for PlayStation Plus, it just got a bit more useful. Download the latest system software update - you should get a message asking you to - and if you're a Plus subscriber you'll be able to save your, er, saves to the cloud - which we guess will be useful if you want to play someone else's PlayStation?

But wait, there's more - and some new features benefit even non-Plus members. Most niftily, you can now adjust the time the system waits before sending your controllers to sleep. Get annoyed when you nip to the loo and come back to find your controller's switched off? Now you can give yourself a little more time.

So use the need to download this update as the perfect excuse to switch on your PlayStation 3, even though it's a nice day and you had every intention of going out...

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