PlayStation phone revealed

There have been rumours about (and extremely grainy footage of) the PlayStation Phone, which is apparently due for release in February, for a while now, but nothing has been particularly convincing. However, a couple of new close up videos have more or less confirmed that the it is real, and is more or less ready for release. However, we’re still not entirely sure if it’s a PlayStation Phone or merely Sony Ericsson being allowed to use aspects of the PSP’s design.

The phone has the same slide-out gaming pad as the PSP Go, only with trackpads replacing the analogue sticks, a typical smartphone touchscreen (which looks pretty unresponsive), a camera and a microphone, which is presumably for audio and video recording. It’s a pretty chunky device, too. All in all we’re not entirely convinced of the point; it appears to be caught between two stools, and if it doesn’t play PSP games then what exactly does it do that a regular smartphone doesn’t?

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