PlayStation Phone Pwned!

Holy wowsers. This doesn't happen often. O2 has pulled the hotly-awaited Xperia Play - better known as 'the PlayStation Phone' - from its April release schedule. They say it's not ready!

As CNET reports, an O2 blog post explaining the delay puts the blame squarely on SonyEricsson.

Stuart Hibberd, chief poker and prodder in O2's testing team, says the team "found some bugs in the software that, if they're not fixed, mean customers won't have a great experience".

O2 is working with Sony Ericsson to address the software problems the testers discovered during their "non-stop" testing over the past few weeks. Neither company would be drawn on exactly what the bugs are or which part of the software they affect.

Crikey O'Reilly! We reckon these bugs can't be too serious, but it's not a good situation when it takes a mobile operator to tell a manufacturer it needs to fix its product. We've always been a little worried the Xperia Play won't live up to the hype that it's attracted, and this isn't a good sign. But if you feel like taking a chance, you can: the other networks are still going to sell the Xperia on April 1 as planned. So O2 will come out of this looking either prescient and responsible, or petty and paranoid. Our advice? We'd wait. A couple of weeks longer is frustrating, but not as frustrating as dropping £500 on a phone that's buggier than a student's bedsheets.

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