PlayStation Network down for four days (and counting)

Pity poor PlayStation3 gamers. It's Thursday night, they've just finished work, and just got home with a copy of Portal2 in their sweaty palms. They've no plans for the next four days except gaming, gaming, gaming. Easter's the best.

But what's this? The PlayStation Network is down. Oh yes, it went down on Wednesday, didn't it, our gamer thinks. Must be a serious problem. Sure it'll be back up soon.

Friday dawns, and the Network is still down. Oh well, our friend thinks: I can play solo for a few hours. Sure it'll be up again by the evening. But it isn't, and, on Saturday morning, the Great Gaming Crash of 2011 is into its fourth day.

As we write, Sony's online gaming service is still not working for most people.

What on earth is going on? Well, like the Amazon crash that took down several websites on Thursday, it could be the work of Anonymous. This hacker group has been targeting Sony recently, the BBC reports. But they say they didn't do it. Well, somebody sure did - Sony has confirmed that an 'external intrusion' forced them to shut down the network. In other words, they got hacked to pieces.

Ho hum. We have a horrible feeling everything will be back to normal by Tuesday morning when we all have to go back to work...

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