PlayStation Move 'greatly exceeding expectations' in Latin America

Despite looking like the sort of implement you’d see in an ‘adult’ movie, the PlayStation Move has certainly been shifting units. At last count Sony had flogged over 2.5million of them, selling 1.5million in Europe and one million in the USA (we don’t have figures from Japan, but they’re not good). Now it seems they’re looking at taking on Latin America.

The SCEA MD for Latin America Mark Stanley has said that demand has ‘greatly exceeded expectations’, and that they’re looking at making Move a smash hit in the region.

‘We're actually continuing to catch up on filling the pipeline with product, as we are in the U.S. and worldwide because demand has greatly exceeded our expectations,’ he told Industry Gamers. ‘So far, we still don't have enough to supply the (Latin America) region and we're hoping to catch up, so triple-A success for us in the region.

‘Something as simple as Move is easily communicated, easily captivated by the region. The difference is we've been able very much to define the difference between Move and Wii and Kinect, which has helped us quite a bit.’

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