The best Playstation games

Playstation games are a dime a dozen but there are some stand out, must-own titles. Playstation have always had some great IPs and the Playstation 3 has carried on with some really great series coming to the forefront of the video games market.

1. The Uncharted Series: When Uncharted Drake's Fortune came out on the PS3 everyone's jaw dropped. People hadn't seen graphics and story telling like this before. The voice acting was so good it really drew people into the game and the music and story kept them there. They beg borrowed and stole from many popular titles but somehow managed a completely original experience that people enjoyed through Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and look forward to in number 3.

2. Little Big Planet: Again Playstation pushed the boundaries of what a video game is. They have done this in the past with titles like Patapon, Katamari and Incredible Crisis but Media Molecule turned the concept of what a game needs to be on it's head. While they had their platform experience as a single or multi-player the real game is the level creator.

They basically gave you every tool they used to make the game and allowed people free reign. This enabled people to make some truly original games and post them. No one new how well this would work but LBP 2 pushed the boundaries again and people just can't get enough of it.

3. Heavenly Sword: This is a very underrated title that came out at the beginning of the PS3 cycle. Visually stunning with some of the best character design and voice acting of any game. While it was a simple action adventure game it managed to keep people hooked thanks to the story and acting.

One complaint people had was the length. They said 5-6 hours was too short but the truth of it is that the time was perfect. It made you want to replay it instead of dragging it out like so many other action adventure games.

There you have it, 3 amazing playstation games with some of the best IPs of any gaming system.


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