What features can you expect from a Playstation console?

Sony's Playstation console is the most powerful gaming platform going, and as such, you can expect to be in for quite the treat if you pick one up! From games, to gadgets and extras, the Playstation offers unrivalled choice!

The first thing you may notice when picking up a Playstation console is the price you have to pay. True, the console is more expensive then the Nintendo Wii or even the Xbox 360, but there's a reason for this, it offers a far more complete package in your living room.

The Sony Playstation 3 is more of all-round media machine, than a strict gaming platform. Sony has pitched the machine at people looking for a media player. If, like me, you enjoy movies as much as gaming, then this is the machine to pick up. One of the main selling points of the console is the fact it has a built-in Blu-Ray player as standard. With the cost of Blu-Ray players still high in a lot of cases, this is brilliant news.

The Blu-Ray player is just as good as any on the market too, so you won't be getting an inferior product. As with all Blu-Ray players, it will also play any old DVD's you have lying around the house. The video support doesn't end there either!

You can attach an external hard drive to your Playstation and watch video off that too. Just about all major file types are supported, with MP4 and .AVI files working especially well. If you keep your files as .MKV's, you are out of luck unfortunately. However, it's quite possible to convert these files to .AVI's if you have a bit of spare time!

It's also worth mentioning that the Playstation 3 will upscale any DVD's that you play on it. While this doesn't make them HD, it does provide a noticeably clearer picture for you to enjoy!

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