Playstation 4 design unveiled at the 2013 E3 in Los Angeles

After weeks of speculations, teaser trailers and amateurish concepts, the official design of the new Playstation 4 has finally been unveiled at the 2013 E3 in Los Angeles. Presented together with the new Sony DualShock 4 controller and the PS4 Eye depth-sensing camera, the new slick console to the expert eye resembles the design of the old PS2 in its slim version.

Sony has announced that the new PlayStation 4 will be available in the shops in time for the next Christmas holidays, and that it will be sold at a price of £349 ($399/ €399) - which is around £70 cheaper than what rival Microsoft Xbox One will be sold for after its launch in November.

The fact that Sony will allow the use of second hand games by not introducing any new restriction on pre-owned disc games, as well as that it won't ask users to repeatedly authenticate their hardware while playing online, will also make this new console much more popular than the rival Xbox One.

Alex Simmons, from IGN has declared to the BBC: "With Sony continually pushing their gaming credentials and the development of the PlayStation brand for gamers throughout their presentation - it has very publicly slapped Microsoft across the face. Talk of restrictions on the sale of pre-owned games and a requirement for an internet connection have been two of the largest consumer concerns surrounding the next-generation consoles."

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