Will you buy the PlayStation 4 console when it hits the market?

With the tough competition in the console and handheld game arena, the much awaited arrival of the PlayStation 4 console is making headlines. Discussed heavily in forums and articles, no one knows when the console is on sale. While others speculate of a release in late 2012 based on a 10 year life cycle of Sony produced consoles, there are suggestions that the gaming world will not see its shadow 2-3 years from now.

What's the hype about the new PlayStation 4 console?

The rumour is that the PlayStation 4 console will be twice as powerful as the current PlayStation 3 available in the market or even that of rival X-Box by Microsoft.

If current reviews are an indication, gamers list the hardware of the console as antiquated and slow and even compared to playing on a PC. We suppose that these issues are no longer valid in the new console developed with new-gen hardware, software, and even a 'Kinect style motion sensor'.

Its size will be smaller or slimmer than the current PS3. Graphics are in 3D and eye-popping as usual.

Games are available as downloads only from the PlayStation Network, eliminating boxed games at the shops.

Backward compatibility is not an issue and gamers can play new game releases in the older versions such as PS1, PS2, and PS3.

Prices are unknown but the PS3 Slim Console (160GB) sells for £189 while the 320GB version costs nearly £290.

If released, PS4 will be the 8th generation console in the Sony family of gaming platforms with such predecessors such as PS1, PS2 and PS3.

Target dates for the release date of the new console are conjectures. But, if one was to assume that each console has a lifespan of 10 years, then it's not likely that the PS4 will hit the markets before 2012.

The newest gaming device schedule for launching by Sony is Vita, a handheld game. It generated such an overwhelming response from the public that pre-ordered consoles were already booked out in time for its December 2011 release in Japan.

Lots of articles on the net speculate that everything depends on the performance of the PS3 in the consumer market. So far, Sony comes in third in this tight game of video games sales falling behind Microsoft and Nintendo.

To its credit, the company was the first ever to release the PlayStation long before Microsoft or Nintendo entered the console scene. With a favourable head start, the company's game developers have plenty of time to produce the much touted PlayStation 4 console as an upgrade to current game versions in circulation.

Discard the PS3 for the PlayStation 4 console?

The question is, should you be one of the first ones to pre-order the Playstation 4 console once its target release date is known? Probably yes, even if there is scant information on the web about it or press releases from Sony. Expect something better than the current model that will take the gaming experience to the next higher level.

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