Play and they'll pay

If you're a member of Play.com, as many people are, you might have had an interesting email pop through today. You might have even deleted it without reading, seeing as it's about a new credit card, but it's Play, and they're generally pretty damn cool, so how bad can it possibly be?

This is how it works: Every pound you spend on the card on Play will get you two Play Points and one point at every other shop. But how much is a Play Point worth? Well for every 500 points you earn you get a £5 voucher, which seems a little stingy, but for the first 90 days of opening the card, any purchase of over £150 will earn you 1500 points, which is pretty sweet. I wonder if they'll let you register, cancel after 90 days and cancel again? Probably not, but it's worth trying.

Now, before you take in our smooth sales patter, we are going to warn you; the APR is 15.9%, so if you are going to use it, make sure you pay it off, please? The country doesn't need more people going bankrupt.

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