Plasma home cinema systems - The best offers here

Plasma home cinema systems will have you on the edge of your seat as you can now experience high quality picture on your plasma screen along with amazing surround sound. There are plenty of different surround sound systems for you to choose from. Dixons.co.uk is an excellent website to start your hunt for your new home cinema system.

Currently on their site, the Panasonic SC-PY90E 5.1Ch DVD Home Cinema System is selling for just £99.99. This is an amazing price for this 7 piece system that comprises a high quality Panasonic DVD player, a powerful Down Firing subwoofer and 5 speakers to give you powerful distortion-free sound. This home cinema boasts 330 watts of power. The system runs on a Dolby Digital Decoder and is also mp3 and WMA compatible. HDMI and SCART ports are both present on this system. You can purchase this whole system for less than £100 on dixons.co.uk.

The Samsung HTC453 is another incredibly low priced home entertainment system available through the Dixons website. This system is equipped with 500 watts of audio power for you to listen to your music. It has an integrated FM radio tuner and a USB connection to play music from your ipod or other audio device. Consisting of two tall speakers, three compact speakers, a mega subwoofer and a stylish Panasonic DVD player, this is a brilliant option for maximum sound. The system also includes a remote control as an added bonus. This home cinema system is currently available to buy at dixons.co.uk for just £171.60 which, I think you agree, is an unbeatable deal!

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