Planet mod

The greatest thing about The LittleBigPlanet games is the modding community that surrounds them: the game itself is obviously great fun and fantastically well designed, but the ability to create your own levels, or even entire games, is what makes the series what it is. Of course, we never create anything, instead just marvel at the work of others.

So we’re very happy to report that some of the game’s most famous modders have been challenged by developer Media Molecule to produce a whole campaign, and that they’ve responded with the delightful looking ‘Hansel and Greelbot’, which can see a teeny bit of below. We don't know when it's coming out or if it will be free DLC, but we do know it's going to be very good.

‘A few months ago the Community Molecule set them a challenge - could they create a full game experience?’ asked the developer. ‘Their own complete LBP Theme, using the new LBP2 tools to develop all original story, mini-games, bosses, cutscenes, music, and voices.

‘The team was gathered, designs were drawn up, themes were picked and building began, now several months later they are very nearly ready to launch their project for you to play!’

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