Plane speaking on the phone

Last week we were told that mobile phones would be allowed on aircraft. Calls will be routed through a special base station in the plane, allowing plane companies to charge a hefty premium on top of the usual service provider charges.

Mobile phones have a bad reputation for interfering with aircraft navigation systems. The base stations, or pico cells, will hopefully bypass this problem, but the technology still needs safety approval.

If everything goes to plan, European flights could be phone-friendly by the summer.

The idea of a cabin-full of phone users yelling "I'm on the plane!" is not everyone's bag of peanuts. But with texts and emails also available we hope passengers will develop a plane etiquette of sorts. No calls when your row-mates are napping, for example, and texts only on night flights?

But there are always a few inconsiderate idiots out there. Now and again, we might have to call in Samuel L Jackson: “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf**king phones on this motherf**king plane!”

(Image: from sister72’s flickr stream)

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