Place your fingers here

The iPhone - it's the fture of gaming! There are more iPod Touches than Nintendo DS's! We've all heard the impressive claims for Apple's touchscreen devices as the future of gaming, and judging by the three days we lost a couple of weeks ago playing Angry Birds, they're not totally exaggerated.

But while specially-made iOS games are great fun, the iPhone doesn't cope well with older games that are designed for - what were those brightly-coloured things we used to press called? Ah that's right - buttons. With games like Sonic 4 and Street Fighter 4 costing upwards of a fiver, it's frustrating to be left struggling with on-screen controls.

Enter, from Japan (surprise surprise), these nifty stick-on button-thingies. Stick them on in the right place (using the included guide-plastic), and they point your thumbs to the right places while you concentrate on keeping an eye on your opponent/the baddies/the terrain. Apparently it works better with Street Fighter than with Sonic, but hey, we'd rather be Chun Li than a blue hedgehog anyway...

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