Pimp My Ride UK cruises back onto Five

After the inevitable arrival on the windswept shores of our gently receding isle of Pimp My Ride UK, another series starts tonight on Channel Five, presented by one of Sascha Baron-Cohen's inspirations for Ali G (here's his interview on Feminism) - Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood. Innit.

Love or hate the US version, WebTwitcher has to admit she is curious to see where the pimping team will be taken on their search for cars that have seen better days to 'enhance'. Perhaps Pimp UK will take a trip to Guildford or Brighton on a Sunday night, where eager swarms gather for weekly cruises in their decked out motors and sound systems worth at least five times the value of their automobile. WebTwitcher herself was once involved in a drag race at one of the aforementioned cruises, you may be surprised to learn...

Driving along the sea front after a summer beach BBQ the Twitcher Wagon was startled by a gaggle of neon-lighted bat mobiles flashing past at warp speed, some impatiently nudging from behind. Of course, WebTwitcher didn't win the Fast and Furious race. Not by a long shot. I was in a rusting 1988 Nissan Sunny that looked like it had been swiped from the scrap yard - starting the relic and maintaining momentum was priority, speed was not an optional extra.

Suffice to say it was an experience I hadn't embarked on, and won't be attempting (albeit inadvertently first time round) to try again. At least not in a Sunny.

Anyway, if you want to watch Renault 5s get the rude boy once over, switch over to Five tonight for some NOS-fuelled boom box antics. And if you fancy your chances in a Sunny? Fast Car has a list of local cruises in the UK you could avoid / attend this weekend.


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