Photoshop for free?

We appreciate that Photoshop is a quality program, worth paying money for. So it’s very nice of Adobe to offer a web-based version for free. Really.

You can now upload 2GB of photos to your Photoshop Express account and edit them with all the funky Photoshop tools.

Well, sort of.

Unsurprisingly, the free version of Photoshop is pretty low on features. It’s just fun enough to keep using – you can sharpen, crop and tweak your snaps. But without key tools – where are the layers, people? – you’ll end up so frustrated you’ll have to buy the real deal.

Well, forget it. Photoshop’s slick and shiny, but it’s not the only program out there. We use the GIMP– it’s open source, so it’s free. You’ll be mildly confused for the first half hour, but after that it’s a whole heap of fun.

And it makes Photoshop Express look like a child’s toy.

(Image: from YouTube)

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