Photoshop fake

People have been messing with images ever since the birth of the human eye, from magic lanterns to the Camera Obscura. And the trend continues today. Another crafty use of Photoshop has been discovered by observant interweb users. This time in China.

Liu Weiqing's 2006 award winning photo features the migration of four-legged mammals and Olympic mascots, the chiru antelope, as they pass underneath the controversial Qinghai-Xizang railway.

The photo helped to deflect criticism away from the $4bn railway which connects China to Tibet. Lui's image showed the world that nature and technology could happily coexist! It seemed too good to be true, and it was. The photo is a fake.

The only thing that's really puzzling is why it took them two years to discover the cunning ruse?

Check out the photo in question here.

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