The Photo Frame - Digital or Printed?

Say goodbye to the printed photo frame, digital is here! But what is the allure of a digital frame, and will it make the old-fashioned printed photograph album a thing of the past?

Before we answer this question, it’s worth explaining what a digital frame can offer that the printed picture can’t. For starters, digital frames can store literally thousands of photos. They can sit on your desktop, mantelpiece or any item of furniture and display either a single image, or play through entire, multiple photo albums. Most photo frame digital models run on a power supply, but some are also battery-powered. Many new models on the market also have an eco-friendly option that can be adjusted; certainly ideal for the environmentally aware amongst us.

And now we discuss the quaint, printed photo. What is the allure of opting to display a printed photo in a frame? For many, it lies in the simple ability to touch, see and even smell a tangible object; the photo was taken, printed and physically placed in a frame. There is also something very nostalgic and appealing about owning a photo album, sitting down with friends, relatives and loved-ones and turning the pages of your memories. Leather-bounded, cherished and something to pass from generation to generation.

It looks as though, for many of us at least, there will always be a printed photo of a cherished memory in the household, displayed in a static frame that cannot be changed without replacing the photo manually. Even the most tech-savvy individual will admit to owning at least one printed photo that has been framed in their home. On the other hand, the benefits of a photo frame, digital and technologically equipped, cannot be disputed.

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