Store your photo collection in digital frames!

If you have lots of pictures that you love, a digital photo frame is a must. They allow you to display all your snaps without the need to buy hundreds of photo frames! Here are a few FAQs answered on digital photo frames...

My micro SD card won’t fit in the frame, is there anything I can do?

Yes, you can get adapters that you simply put the micro SD card in. These are the same size as a standard SD card and will fit most digital frames.

Can you get battery powered frames?

Yes you can. The majority are mains powered, but some have rechargeable batteries. The battery life generally isn’t great but it does make it possible to place the frame wherever you want without the messy cables.

How do you store your photo in digital frames?

All digital frames are different. If it has internal memory you can save photos from a memory card or your computer straight onto the frame. However, the best way to store your photos is on a memory card. You can easily change the pictures on the card using your computer, and this way you can have thousands of your favourite pictures rather than a couple of hundred on the internal memory. Some frames don't have any internal memory.

What does TV Out mean?

TV Out simply means the frame can be connected to a TV. This means that you can show off your favourite slide shows on your TV.

Can you put digital frames up on the wall?

You can, but you should only do so if it has rechargeable batteries or you don’t mind a power cable running down the wall to the plug. If it has rechargeable batteries you can charge the frame up and put it back on the wall. But given the fact that battery life is low for most digital photo frames, this can be more of a hassle than it's worth.


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