Phorm advertising takes a blow

So it seems that the argument is overTalkTalk broadband customers will have to opt into, rather than opt out of, Phorm’s controversial targeted advertising system.

For those of you living in a cave somewhere, the system tracks the web pages you visit and modifies the adverts on participating sites. So, if you like movie sites you’ll see movie ads; visit the Top Gear site and you’ll see car ads.

We haven’t asked what happens if you like rubber fetish sites, but we can guess.

The big fuss, of course, is over the monitoring of your web traffic. Every page you visit is logged, meaning your shameful search history could be sitting on someone’s servers for all-time.

The opt-out strategy meant you had to specifically ask not to be spied on, and had consumers petitioning Downing Street in a fury.

And pressure has finally paid off. To prevent its customers from walking away, TalkTalk has said Phorm can’t monitor its customers unless they specifically give permission.

Which I’m sure a lot of people will. After all, doesn’t the irrelevancy of some adverts really irritate you?

Or do you just ignore them, like everyone else?

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