Phones! Phones! Phones!

Apple have become the world's highest-valued technology company by maintaining a quite small range of high-end products. Other manufacturers, however, don't work that way. They generally prefer to churn out quite a few barey-differentiated products to meet each niche of feature demand and budget. And this week we've seen a slew of new smartphones make their way into the public eye.

Yesterday we told you about Samsung's Galaxy S II, the sequel to its mega-selling Android smartphone from last year. But it seems Samsung weren't done there. They've just unveiled not one, not two, not three, but four new Android handsets, all packing the 'Galaxy' moniker.

There's the decently-spec'd 800MHz Galaxy Ace; the similarly-powerful, but with a lower-res camera and smaller screen, Galaxy Gio; the less-powerful-than-the-Gio-but-with-the-same-camera-as-the-Ace Galaxy Fit; and the Galaxy Mini, which is, you guessed it, small. Phew. How nice of Engadget to summarise all the details and shoot some video.

But that's not all! Taiwanese rival HTC has also come to the Mobile World Congress conference, in Barcelona this week, packing some heat in the form of three new Android phones. These are a bit easier to get your head round, as they're all updates of last year's models. The powerful Incredible is superseded by the even-more-powerful Incredible S; the mid-range Desire is replaced by the Desire S; and the budget Wildfire gives way to - yes! - the Wildfire S. Once again, the nice folk at Engadget have an in-depth look at the whole bunch.

Phew! We're exhausted. We'll say this for Android, it certainly offers the consumer plenty of choice.

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