How to extend your phone battery life

There are few things so frustrating as running out of battery in the middle of a call - especially when your charger is at home and you're not. Phone battery life has become more of an issue as more and more of us are getting smartphones - which eat up more power than traditional mobiles.

Tips to improve your phone battery life

Switch off the vibration option: Set your phone to ring rather than ring and vibrate, which uses up extra battery power.

Turn off Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a serious battery drainer, and it can often be left on unintentionally. Only use the Bluetooth when you need to.

Don't let the battery run empty: Unlike nickel batteries, lithium batteries aren't adversely affected by short or regular "top-up" charges. In fact, you'll be enhancing your battery's performance by applying regular charges and keeping it topped up from around a third of its capacity.

Keep the battery out of direct heat: Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight or near a radiator - the heat can cause permanent damage to the battery and adversely affect its performance.

Turn off your phone's backlight: If you do use the backlight, look for an option to shorten the length of time that it is left on. Three or four seconds is usually sufficient.

Watch out for poor signal areas: When in an area with poor network signal, your phone will constantly be searching for a better signal and this will eat up the battery power. Don't make a call from an area with a poor signal if you can avoid it.

Watch out for WiFi and 3G: These settings come as standard in modern smartphones, but you don't actually need to use them to make a call or to send a text message. Check your phone settings: "GSM only" options can allow you to double or even triple the life of your phone battery.

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