Phishing is rife, but spammers get scammed

News out this week brings internet scammers firmly back under the spotlight (not that the subject's ever far from the web world's lips). Phishing scams are on the increase on sites like MySpace, and the scammers are using increasingly creative methods, as reported in Web User.

The BBC has put an informative article on its site too. It's a kind of layman's guide on how to spot a phishing scam for the uninitiated. Reader, if you are in any doubt here's a quick WebTwitcher summary: remember stranger danger kids! If anyone you don't know asks you for cash or personal details don't reply. Just say no!

Unless of course you're planning on opening up a two way scamming conversation, in which case a visit to the excellent Scamorama, is an absolute must. The self proclaimed saviour of spam and scam victims, including the delightful 419 scams that swept the web a while back, has a great record of what can happen when the worm turns and the scammed becomes the scammer.

If you want to read accounts of highly creative email conversations with increasingly unlikely names and occupations, a visit to the site will have you in stitches within seconds.


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