An Overview of Philips Digital Photo Frames

The biggest consideration when choosing a digital photo frame is picture quality and Philips digital photo frames consistently score high with reviewers in this area. However, this can be said of many makes selling on the market. It’s clear that Philips has thought carefully on this matter and as a result has come up with a line of digital photo frames that are sure to turn heads.

Loads of choice

Philips produces a diverse variety of digital photo frames, with some unique models. Particularly outstanding are their key chain models, which come in red, black and purple, and measure a tiny 1.5 inches. This means you can share your photos wherever you are and never be without a family member by your side.


Digital photo frame features are expanding every day, but one of the cleverest has to be the Philips digital photo frame that includes a fully functional Nanny Cam. A built-in sensor means that video recording will automatically begin when there is motion detected. When all is still, the recording automatically shuts off and saves the clip to the SD card.


Philips also produces a widescreen portable DVD player, with an iPod dock and digital photo frame incorporated. So now, instead of taking up precious room with three separate gadgets, all of your needs can be serviced by this single nifty device.

Philips digital frames are certainly top of the range and offer exciting features not found elsewhere. Aside from the assurance of quality that we get with all Philips brand products, their range of photo frames delivers extra-added bonuses with flair and intelligence. The purchase of any of the Philips digital photo frames is sure to provide a great deal of viewing pleasure.

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