Phil Spector Twitter hoax fools everyone

A hoaxer pretending to be Phil Spector has outed himself after he fooled everyone into believing that he was the banged-up producer. It's amazing that anyone with half a brain didn't work out that 'Finished reading The Book Of The Damned. About to write an angry letter to the governor demanding that they return my wig' probably isn't a genuine Spector piece of tweeting.

The evil genius constructed a wondrous world of solitude, where his only companion was Wilson the Cockroach and his iPod a window to the outside world. It was also very, very funny indeed. Check it out here.

He gave the game away about two hours ago, when he told everyone he had 'a confession to make' and asked everyone to wait five minutes. Then he popped up again to say: 'I am NOT Phil Spector. I made this account as a joke. Befriending a cockroach? c'mon folks... even Phil's not that crazy.' At which point news sources scrambled to cover their backs.

He also left the account with a parting shot at Twitter: 'Twitter you need to start doing something to combat fake accounts. If I was a malicious person I could have caused damage.' Well said that man, whoever you are.

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