Phantom pooer of South Eastern Trains found

After over 30 offences since August, the mystery Phantom Pooer of South Eastern Trains has finally been tracked down. Apparently he's caused over £60,000 worth of damage since his campaign began in the summer and his face is now all over the web due to the CCTV footage which finally outed him.

WebTwitcher has been hunting around for these images, which according to Scott Mills from Radio 1 are everywhere, but without success. Looks like the coverage is as phantom as the man himself. If you've seen any links to his picture, or any stories, let me know else I shall begin thinking it's an urban legend or Halloween joke.

Commuters and train users have been advised to stay away if they see him. As if you'd want to approach...

FRIDAY UPDATE: He's been found and charged with £20,000 of damage to the trains. WebTwitcher still advises readers to watch where they're sitting for the time being...


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