Phabulous phones

OK, so, we're in love.

Not with a human being or anything. What do you take us for? No, we're in love with a phone. Samsung just showed off its newest Android phone at the CES conference in Las Vegas and, ooh, it's nice.

The Infuse 4G is its name, and it's big, slim and powerful. It packs a hefty 4.5-in screen, making it big by smartphone standards, but it's strikingly thin. It's packing a 1.2GHz processor, making it faster than the iPhone 4 and its Android rivals. It has a new Super AMOLED Plus screen, which means its colours pop and its blacks are appropriately dark. And apparently it feels as nice as it looks.

We're not in the business of advertising Samsung here at Digitaledge, however, so we should take a look at what other manufacturers are touting too. And wouldn't you know, Motorola is showing off a pretty sexy new Android phone as well. The Atrix has a dual-core processor and a very, very big battery - which helps it last while it's playing HD video, something only top-end phones can do. Moto say it's 'The World's Most Powerful Smartphone,' and we can't think of a rival.

It also has a bizarre extra trick up its sleeve - you can dock it with a laptop! Plug the Motorola HD Dock (sold separately) into your laptop, and plug the phone into the dock, and boom!, as Steve Jobs might say - your phone takes over your laptop's screen, keyboard and trackpad, letting you use your apps in large-screen style. It's weird, but it just might work.

All this excitement - and there's two more days to go!

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