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Motoring maniacs and car-crazed petrolheads, you can transform your MIX into an auto haven by adding RSS feeds from the motoring gurus who bless our roads. First up though, no car post would be complete without a customary mention to the God of Cars, His Royal Highness Mr Jeremy "Im not responsible for Global Warming or Rover" Clarkson. No RSS feeds are available on the Top Gear or Times Online sites yet, but a visit to both is a must if you're a fan.

Two auto heavyweights now providing RSS feeds are Auto Trader and Parker's, both of which give you daily updates from the respective motoring bibles. The Mirror also has a top motoring feed, which includes articles by none other than Top Gear's Richard Hammond.

For something a little deeper, add the New Scientist's Cars & Motoring feed for the latest developments in the auto world, and if you want to stay in the loop with the racing set, the Brands Hatch RSS feed is a must. Don't forget you can buy and sell cars on Excite's Carsearch Wizard, which compares prices from over 100 different websites for you.

If you've seen any good motoring blogs, let me know!


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