PES 10 & FIFA 10 - jury still out

Right, by now you’ve hopefully downloaded the demos for both FIFA 10 and PES10 in order to check out which one of the games you’ll be buying this season. We certainly have, and to be honest, the jury is still out on this year’s editions.

Obviously both demos are just that, and the finished versions will be a lot slicker and with all the bells and whistles (although in PES’s case, the bells and whistles are often entirely absent). Despite our previous FIFA evangelism, it seems to have strayed ever so slightly from the system that served it so well last time out, and the rumoured lack of international sides so they can use them for a World Cup edition is typical EA nonsense, and if true will be infuriating.

However, the attribute cards still annoy in PES, and while graphically it’s a step up from the last two years’ appalling efforts, it still seems to be stagnating with the same old engine, and until we see which online version is more fun, it’s almost impossible to make a decision. PES could still yet take back ground lost to FIFA. If you haven't downloaded either demo yet, check out the vid below. It'll give you a good idea of what's what.

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