Buy personalised cards in the UK

If you find greeting cards are cliché, think again for now you can get beautiful and personalised cards in the UK. Whether it’s for your mother’s birthday or your girlfriend’s unexpected promotion at work, personalised cards are more meaningful because you add your own personal touch with an unforgettable message, theme and design.

Points of sale

We list some of the places where you can purchase personalised cards in the UK:

  • Hallmark (hallmark.co.uk)

Hallmark comes to mind when greeting cards are concerned. Established in 1910, it is one of the oldest greeting card companies in the world. Gift a special someone or friends with personalised or photo upload cards. Prices start from £1.99.

  • Funky Pigeon (funkpigeon.com)

Cards, mugs, notebooks, t-shirts, calendars, cases, photo books, flowers and wall art are just a few of the things Funky Pigeon sells. Send Mum a special card for mother’s day or her anniversary. The card costs £2.99. You can choose your own template and write what you want on the card. If you change your mind, there is the preview option and you can modify as needed.

  • Moonpig (moonpig.com)

The website offers a variety of cards for any type of occasion and event. There are even naughty, humour and spook humour cards. It’s also possible to upload your own photo for a truly personalised touch to your cards. A standard greeting card costs £2.99.

  • The Dog’s Doodahs (thedogsdoodahs.com)

Try something different and check out personalised cards at The Dog’s Doodahs. The site boasts of making personalised cards that are 'frightfully funny.' If you want to inject some humour in your greeting cards, this website might have what you need. Standard cards cost £3.50 while large ones, £5.95.

Delivery costs

Personalised cards in the UK can be great options as gifts. You can also include other things with your delivery such as flowers, champagne, mugs, gift cards, diaries or even aprons. Delivery costs vary but for a standard card it will cost £0.49 to mail it. Heavier stuff will set you back £4.95 while flowers, £4.95.

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