Wakey wakey! A personalised alarm clock is the perfect start to any day!

Does it take forever to wake your children from their slumber each morning? Do you have to call their names over and over again to get them up and ready in time for school? Well, here is a fantastic little gadget that can do all that work for you - and make mornings great fun for the little ones, too!

The personalised alarm clock range, available from kidsjukebox.co.uk, features colourful timepieces which can be ordered with the name of your choice recorded as part of the alarm soundtrack.

At first glance, they look just like any traditional twin bell alarm clocks, but they have the wonderfully clever twist of a built-in mp3 track with a lively calypso beat that sings the catchy ditty:

"Wake up [your chosen name] it's time to start your day!"

It even encourages kids to get themselves ready with lyrics including:

"Make your bed, dress with care, brush your teeth, comb your hair!"

The novelty alarm clock costs £19.95 plus postage and packing, and comes in red football, blue football, red cars, blue cars and pink fairy designs.

Don't worry about finding the right name, the website has a list featuring thousands of boys' and girls' names - everything from Aaron and Abby right through to Zymere and Zoe!

These amusing alarms would also make a fantastic innovative gift for an adult friend or relative who just loves to snooze - and you could even treat yourself to one if you fancy being serenaded with a cheerful personalised tune in the mornings!

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