Perfect timing

Over the weekend loads of Batman: Arkham City info was released, via game previews from IGN, GameSpot and 1UP, and we like the look of what we’ve heard, and briefly seen, so far. The sequel to the ball-bustingly good Arkham Asylum appears to be taking a turn down the GTA/Assassin’s Creed route, which we think can only be a good thing, provided they give us gamers enough to do in the expanse.

The news on that front is pretty positive, with Calendar Man being confirmed as part of the game: apparently script cues will be activated according to the time (although we’re not sure whether this means clock time or calendar date), while if you go and visit him in prison on a public holiday he’ll tell you about some crime he did on that date. Much cooler, however, is the fact that you can grapple hook onto helicopters and fly around the city looking for people who need saving.

There should be more news on the game at the GDC conference in San Francisco next week, but for now there’s also this video taken from an Inside Xbox report. All of 10 seconds gameplay footage – WOW, right?

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