Perfect news

Somehow we managed to miss this the other day, but no matter, old news can still be good news, and given our worryingly lame fanboy-like reaction to the prospect of Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade, you’d hardly expect us to not mention the latest news regarding the game, right? Right.

Developer Rare have spoken to CVG, and told us that the will be out in the next couple of months (CVG seem to think that means February but we’re not so sure), and well, it’s all very exciting, isn’t it? Fingers crossed they don’t mess about with the multiplayer too much; there’s nothing quite as funny as getting Fist Sim in the mixer punching your opponents to oblivion. The studio also alluded to the release of more classic gaming fun, the naughty teasers.

‘Perfect Dark will be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade in the next few months, polished up by 4J Studios with improved textures and framerate, Leaderboards and Achievements, and of course online multiplayer,’ said Rare top bod Mark Betteridge. ‘We know there are a lot of people looking forward to that. There's nothing to announce yet after Perfect Dark, but we've got over 25 years of IP to dip into so there's no shortage of possibilities.’

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