Perfect Dark XBLA - New screenshots (part 2)

If you remember, a few weeks back we waxed lyrical about the idea of the Perfect Dark remake which is coming to Xbox Live at some point in the next few months. Far be it from us to go on any more about just how completely amazing this was (and hopefully still will be), but whatever news happens to come about regarding this game will get flogged to death, in the hope that we get a release date at some point.

Anyway, the huge, monstrous Perfect Dark news that we bring to you today is nothing more than some new pics being released, which you can see if you take a trip to the CVG website here. Mostly they look like the game did way back when on the creaking old N64 (which still works, retro gaming fans), but there’s nothing wrong with that.

In any case, we’ll be well and truly in wet undergarment territory when they decide to put out pics of the multiplayer action, which is surely the most important part of this game’s appeal. Remember, those of you who’ve never played it – it’s better than Goldeneye, and don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.

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