Perfect Dark XBLA - New screenshots

If you’re any much of a games geek as we are, then you’ll remember Rare’s outstanding first person shooter for the Nintendo 64, Perfect Dark. Not so much for the single player mission, mind you, but for the frankly amazing multiplayer (whisper it, better than Goldeneye), which was capable of taking out whole weekends. If you were an bit sad, in any case.

Anyway, the game is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, which is frankly fabulous news to anyone who wants to re-live their salad days on university, badly dressed and smelling faintly of stale Carlsberg, and new screenshots have been released. They’re a bit rubbish, it has to be said, but the sheer fact that it’s coming out at all is enough to make us all giddy. There will be multiplayer via Xbox Live as well. Wonderful.

As yet we don’t know the release date, as Microsoft have been giving little more than the cagey ‘winter’ approximation that they’re so very fond of. Rest assured you’ll get more info as and when it arrives. The screenshots are at the link below.

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