Perfect Dark: it's nearly here

So what went on in the world of gaming over the weekend, eh? Not a whole lot, truth be told. However, one piece of exciting news did dribble out from the quite miserable February darkness – a playable version of the Xbox Live version of Perfect Dark for everyone who’s at the X10 event in the States to try out. Alas, we won’t be there, but we will be able to tell you what other people there thought of it, which is almost as good.

In any case the event is this week, which means we will have a lot more info about the game, and will hopefully know exactly how the online multiplayer functions. If we don’t get the AI controlled sims Rare, we won’t be happy.

‘So on February 11th, everyone at X10 will finally have a chance to get hands on with Joanna - complete with her remastered visuals and silky 60fps framerate,’ said someone from Rare. ‘And with the 11th in mind, here's a brand new screen showing Mr Daniel Carrington in the foyer of his iconic institute (you can see that the floor has been well polished in preparation).’

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