Perfect Dark: it's nearly here

As will have seen if you read this page with any regularity, we’re giddy with excitement at the possibility of playing stone-cold classic FPS Perfect Dark on Xbox 360, with all-new whizzy graphics and such like. So it’s with great joy in our hearts that we announce that an unofficial source has stirred up yet another teasing rumour, this time telling us that ‘Work is pretty much finished… the conversion has been complete for some time now.’

The sneaky source continues in Electronic Theatre; ‘we're expecting a release very soon, there's been talk that the game would launch in either the last week of January or beginning of February.’

‘Logic would suggest that it's safe to assume that would probably be the case, though of course with such a high profile title all parties involved would like to ensure the release doesn't clash with any other big games. (It will cost) 1200 (Microsoft Points). I thought that would have been obvious by now.’

He’s a grumpy old soul isn’t he? We’ll let him off for letting us know that we could be playing the game very, very soon indeed. What a time to be alive and holed up in your bedroom for hours on end.

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