As you'll know if you read this page with any regularity, we’ve been following the Perfect Dark for Xbox 360 story with the thoroughness of a Soviet-era KGB spy (well, reading about it elsewhere then writing about it, truth be told). You’ll also know that we’ve been champing at the bit to play the damn thing for so long now that we have bits of bit permanently stuck between our teeth. It’s not pretty.

So thank whichever deity that created this mean and soul-crushing world that you can now, from today download the game and play it like it’s 1999 again (it actually came out in 2000, but nevermind, it’s a snappy phrase). We’re also very happy to report that the multiplayer – the key to enjoying the game – is all intact, with the four-player games upgraded to eight, as well as the phalanx of intelligent bots that frequently biff the crap out of everyone in sight (Fist Sim, how we hate you).

Obviously the graphics and frame rate have been given an overhaul, and despite that the game is showing a few signs of age, but it was so far ahead of its time ten years ago that it still stands up against modern shooters. Certainly the variety of weapons, maps and opponents, the core of what made the original game so great are all there, ready to be toyed with. It’s available now for 800 MS points, which is about six knicker. Just go and get it now, right?

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