A look at the new Pentax K-5 II

If you own the popular K-5, you might wonder what's up with the new Pentax K-5 II. Released in October 2012, it is now revamped and upgraded. But what are the differences and how does it compare to its predecessor? Is it worth the upgrade and the price? Find out as we take a look and review the camera.

What changed

The Pentax K-5 II features an 11-point SAFOX X autofocus lens, 16.3 MP CMOS, and a 3-inch LCD. Do these sound familiar? They are the same features found in the K-5. It is still a robust camera built to weather dust and water. It is also guaranteed to work even at low temperatures (-10°C).

  • Design

Not much has changed with the design, sporting the same rugged look as the K-5. Its chassis is made from stainless steel and the covers of magnesium alloy. These materials make the camera light and easy to hold and less bulky than other DSLR cameras in the same range. Both cameras weigh at 660 grams.

  • Performance

The SAFOX X lens allows you to operate the camera even under low conditions (-3EV). It is equipped with the 80-51200 ISO for noise reduction and sensitivity. The camera, by the way is capable of taking HD video with 1080p resolution and 7 frames per second of uninterrupted shooting. The downside is, this is the same as with the K-5.

  • Strengths

The camera has a solid build and is easy to use. Although control buttons can get fiddly, it is still an easy device. Its sensor works fine while the famous SAFOX X lens assist take photos under low light conditions. Another handy feature integrated in the camera is the anti-shake reduction system which as the name suggests lessens the risk of taking blurry images. You do have to activate it to avail of the benefit of the feature.


There is not much difference between the Pentax K-5 II and the K-5. The same materials are used in the chassis accounting for the identical weight. Apart from the SAFOX X lens, most features are comparable in the two cameras including focal length multiplier, sensitivity range, dimension, and even video capability. Control buttons are awkward and the overall resolution score is not that impressive. At the base price of £799,99 (body only), do you think you're making a good deal?

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