PDF printer - How to create PDFs professionally

What is PDF printer?

Go to Pdfprinter.com to download the software programme for free. This software allows you to create PDFs (portable document files) professionally at no cost.

What can you do with it?

Here are the features:

  • Set your profiles
  • Save document information
  • Merge multiple documents into a single PDF
  • Adjust security settings
  • Adjust other settings

Set your profiles

Instead of adjusting your settings every time you create a new PDF, save each set of settings into a 'profile'. This is convenient and saves you time if you use the same settings anyway. Create as many profiles as you need. Don't want a profile anymore? Remove it in one click.

Save document information

Save your PDF title, author's name, subject and keywords easily.

Merge multiple documents into a single PDF

You can merge existing PDFs or files in different formats (docs, txt, rtf, etc.) into one PDF. Rearrange the order of the merged document the way you want it. Remove it altogether if so you wish.

Adjust security settings

Limit viewing of your PDF in 3 ways:

  1. Set a password
  2. Use PDF Locker
  3. Encrypt the PDF content with a 40 or 128bit encryption

Limit access to your PDF content in 6 ways by allowing or denying the following:

  1. Content and annotation modification
  2. High or low quality printing
  3. Copy and pasting
  4. Screen readers
  5. Document assembly
  6. Form filling

Adjust other settings

You can compress your PDF to an optimal size, set its version, let it open in a PDF viewer and attach the PDF to an email message.

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